About us

 ProsperousWorld is a online inspirational clothing and accessories store.  ProsperousWorld's mission is to attract consumers who are passionate in life, the lovers of this world, the dreamers, and the achievers who desires inspirational apparel and accessories they can incorporate into their day to day fashionable lifestyle. Although ProsperousWorld is business it is one of many growing businesses whose mission is to make a difference in the world through brand awareness.

                                    ProsperousLife logos

 As a inspirational business it was fitting to create an inspirational logo that would represent the consumers best life, and since our thoughts create our world. The "ProsperousLife logos are the perfect symbol to represent life and one that encourages everyone to love more dream more and achieve more.

The Prosperous life symbols/logos consist of the eighth Greek letter of the alphabet. The letter itself represents life, thoughts or spirit. this letter was  ideal for incorporating into our logo because of its meaning.

The ProsperousLife logos represents... love/passion, dreams/goals, achievement and success.

The Prosperous Girl Symbol is uniquely designed for women who lives represents our motto… Love Dream Achieve.

In conclusion, ProsperousWorld employ everyone to Love more Dream  more Achieve more.  We know when you strive for more life becomes more.  So be a symbol of inspiration and thank you for visiting PROSPEROUSWORLD.